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Inspection machines for the pharmaceutical industry
Computer Vision Technology (CVT) developed by InnoScan inspects suspensions, solutions and lyophilized products in ampoules, vials, cartridges or syringes with the highest available performance.

Inspection machines for the can-maker industry
The OptoScan product line is dedicated to the can making industry and is renowned for it ability to detect easy-open ends and DRD cans for leakages.

Leak detection for the can-maker industry

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Specialized in high-tech inspection Systems

InnoScan A/S, founded in 1988, specializes in high-tech inspection systems for automatic quality control. The company was founded with the aim of developing the best possible inspection machines for pharmaceutical injectables and has invented a patented method, which enables the customers to assure the quality of their products yet maintaining the highest possible yield. In 2013 InnoScan became part of Stevanato Group.


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